About Me

Julia Hashemieh, currently residing in Santa Clara, CA, is an exemplary leader and philanthropist in the healthcare industry. As the CEO and President of Global Health Care Management LLC, she has dedicated over 15 years to managing outpatient surgery centers, ensuring that the community receives the best possible care. Apart from her professional achievements, his commitment to philanthropy through the Aryana Foundation showcases her deep-rooted passion for serving the community.

Current Roles

CEO and President of Global Health Care Management LLC

As CEO, he oversees a diverse range of operations and activities. She has been integral in building and managing a network that includes more than 500 of the industry’s best surgeons. The excellent patient care reviews under her leadership testify to her commitment to excellence.

Political Aspirations

She is a proud member of the Republican Party, has declared her candidacy for the U.S. House to represent California’s 47th Congressional District. With primary elections slated for March 5, 2024, and the general election to follow on November 5, 2024, he aims to serve her community on an even larger scale.

Aryana Health Care Foundation

He is a board member and holds the esteemed treasurer position for the Santa Clara-based Aryana Health Care Foundation. The foundation operates across various cities, ensuring affordable healthcare for all, especially during challenging times.

Career History & Academic Background

Her professional journey in the healthcare sector began in 2003. Over the years, she has been associated with 18 companies. While some have ceased operations, 13 remain active and thriving. This breadth of experience has equipped her with a holistic understanding of the industry’s complexities.

His LinkedIn profile is a testament to her dedication and progressive career growth in the industry. However, beyond her career milestones, her inherent love for what she does makes a difference.

Philanthropy & Giving Back

The Aryana Foundation

Among Julia Hashemieh’s many proud accomplishments, starting the Aryana Foundation stands out. This public charity was born from a collective decision to help needy people. Under His guidance, outpatient surgery centers came together with a noble aim: ensuring that no one should suffer from pain because they cannot afford surgery. The foundation has since been a beacon of hope for many, bridging the financial gap and ensuring that quality health care remains accessible.

Other Philanthropic Endeavors

Her philanthropic spirit isn’t just confined to the Aryana Foundation. The concept of giving back to society is deeply ingrained in her ethos. Through her leadership, she has inspired and led her teams in outpatient surgery centers to offer free surgery to needy people.

Areas of Expertise

Leadership: His role as CEO showcases her exemplary leadership skills, guiding teams toward a shared vision and success.

Aryana Foundation: Her commitment to the Aryana Foundation reflects her expertise in philanthropy and charity.

Business Development: With associations with 18 companies, his acumen in business development is undeniable.

Philanthropy: his philanthropic endeavors with the Aryana Foundation and beyond underscore her dedication to serving the community.

Personal Life & Interests

Regarding hobbies, he has always been inclined towards charity work. Her belief in giving back to the community is not just an afterthought; it’s a way of life for her. Beyond her professional commitments, he enjoys the gratification of making a tangible difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Julia Hashemieh is more than just her titles and affiliations. Her dedication to her work, commitment to philanthropy, and undying spirit to serve the community make her a true beacon of hope in the healthcare management industry. As she continues her journey, her legacy of giving and serving promises to inspire many more in the years to come.

Julia Hashemieh